IFE Freight Elevators

IFE Freight Elevators

Freight elevators are specialized lifts that are designed to transport large items or goods from one floor to another in a building. They are often used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other commercial or industrial settings where there is a need to move heavy items between different levels.

The Safety And Stability Of Freight Elevators

The Safety And Stability Of Freight Elevators

  • Safe and reliable.

Real-time detection to protect the safety of people and things.

Brake detection device, real-time detection of the status of the brake throughout the process, active reporting of brake detection failure when abnormal, eliminating the risk of brake failure, and protecting the safety of people and objects.

  • Photoelectric induction protection device.

The non-contact protection device forms a dense infrared cross-light curtain, which effectively prevents the elevator door from pinching passengers or the forklift from damaging the elevator door when loading and unloading goods. Robust and durable

  • High-strength car frame.

The strength test of the landing door is higher than the national standard

  • Precise and smooth.

It adopts a new generation of frequency conversion technology and permanent magnet synchronous traction machine

High reliability and high precision electronic leveling switch to achieve precise leveling and facilitate the handling of goods.

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