Regular Maintenance Of Elevator

We use elevators every day, and most of us have never seriously considered their safety. But we continue to use elevators in our lives, because we know and are sure that some people will handle elevator safety issues well, and compared with motor vehicles, elevators are obviously safe. So what guarantees the safety of the elevator? Elevator safety depends on two main aspects: manufacturing high-quality elevators and continuous regular maintenance.

Manufacturing High-quality Elevators

As we all know, the elevator is a complete elevator system, which needs perfect design. This design should include all necessary calculations, define all requirements, and all subsystems and components of the elevator should comply with international standards. Finally, the installation of the elevator should also be ensured. Only in this way can we have an impeccable elevator system and provide the first step of security.

Continuous Regular Maintenance

Then come to the second step, which is a long-term step - regular maintenance. The benefits of regular maintenance will naturally manifest over time. When technicians regularly check the elevator system, equipment and components, they can find problems before they occur and take necessary measures. Checking, lubricating, cleaning and adjusting the equipment are the active measures to ensure the safe operation of the system. The system is named Preventive Maintenance of Elevator. Who is responsible for maintenance? How can it be effectively maintained? Most of the time, the building management staff will sign an annual contract with the maintenance company. These companies carry out maintenance work on a regular basis. The Company shall develop an effective Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) for the elevator system. Most of the time, these MCPs are very general and difficult to follow. The management shall ask the company to prepare a detailed MCP and take actions according to the above contents. The MCP shall determine the frequency and detailed work of maintenance, and shall also consider the manufacturer's plan and maintenance recommendations.

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